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Denver Football Player
Denver Football Player
Denver Football Player
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Denver Football Player

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"You won't believe how good it is until you hold it in your hand"

Van Woof is the leading personalized pet portrait brand, that guarantees you will receive high quality art to hang in your home gallery.

  • Our professional artists digitally paint your pet using classical painting techniques to create your masterpiece, you can even see the brushstrokes.
  • Every artist is trained in the “Van Woof style”, and most have spent thousands of hours perfecting their craft.
  • You know your pets unique personality, this custom portrait will show that to the world.
  • Tell the story of your pet through an amazing piece of art that will last a lifetime and become a family heirloom.
  • WARNING: These portraits evoke strong emotions so prepare for tears and laughs. We have seen lots of videos of pet owners crying when they receive their art. 
  • Receive best gift of the year award, even if it’s to yourself. This will honestly surprise anyone who receives it.
  • We offer “100% LOVE IT” guarantee, you get to approve the work before its printed so if you aren’t completely happy we will change it until you love it!
  • Van Woof is trusted by 10,000+ customers, has been recommended by the BBC and we donate 6 meals to animal shelters with every purchase!

    Product Details

    • Produced by professional artists, we guarantee gallery quality artwork every time.
    • Printed using bleed free inks that last a lifetime
    • Printed on artist-grade poly-cotton blend canvas, and hand stretched around a 1.25” high density fiber and plastic frame
    • Finished with a UV coating to prevent fading, it can also be wiped clean with a damp cloth

    We ship from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia 

    Creation & Shipping

    Will your photos work?

    If you are unsure about the quality of your photos check the guide here. Not everyone has good quality photos of a pet, due to it passing many years ago, or surprising someone; so please just upload the photos you have and we will be in contact if they are unusable.

    Our artists have turned photos of photos from the 1980’s into good quality works, so it is possible, it just takes time and might come at an extra charge.

    Artwork Creation

    3 Business days 

    Shipping times

    5 Business days


    Why Van Woof?

    Van Woof

    Van Woof is a small team of highly skilled pet portraitists lead by Tom Miller. Tom expects all of his teams work to be completed to the highest standard in the style of neoclassical masters.

    Recommended by the BBC

    Van Woof was recently featured on BBC’s The One Show, highlighting the quality of the artwork we produce for customers and the great experience they receive.

    Masterpieces by Artists

    We pride ourselves in our craftsmanship, and our founder Tom ’s ambition was making original art available to everyone at an affordable price. Through our intensive training program and long serving artists, we have developed a style that has been adopted and is sustained by everyone.

    Most of the artists work 8+ hours every day honing their craft, and that shows in the final pieces. We have a strict criteria on multiple elements of the portrait that must past the review process.

    Perfect Work Every Time

    All of the artwork is quality controlled by our head artist Francis, who has a long history of portraiture. He is arguably the best artist in the custom pet portrait industry, and expects the best from the rest of the team.

    We have happily served over 10,000 customers, you can check our Instagram for some of their artworks. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our team here.